Billy Carrion Jr.
Baritone Saxophone, Bass, Percussion, woodwinds, etc...

Meet Me

My bio is a short one. I did not attend music camps, or take lessons from a legendary musician, or graduate from a college with an amazing faculty; I was shown the world of music, and then I wanted it.
I listented to records of all the greats like Parker, Dizzy, Sonny, ,Keith, as well as had a strong upbringing of my Puerto Rican and 'Nuyorican' roots like Ray Barretto, Batacumbele, Eddie Palmieri, rock legends like Jimi, Cream, Chuck Berry, so on and so forth... butI really found inspiration with Japanese Animation, an old childhood cartoon, and even comic books. Music comes from life expierences and emotions: and things like Cowboy Bebop, Neo Genesis Evangelion, Spider-Man, even video games and their soundtracks.
I spent countless hours working on my sound, and finding new influences to bring something different to music. My goal is to bring music to the world in anyway possible. I'm known for doing some crazy things on baritone saxophone, as well as have a 'Harmonic Weapon,' a pedal effect setup dedicated to the baritone saxophone. My Original compositions lend themselves to jazz primarily: but my career has spanned many genres. One of my main gigs is as a composer and recording studio musician for Big Blue Meenie Studios.  I have had the pleasure of working with some people like:
Papo Vazquez, Eddie Palmieri, Henry Cole, Soren Moller, Tom Vella And The Wayside, K Rizza Productions, Joe Magnarelli, United Nations, Nestor Torres, Ruben Rodriguez, Billy Carrion Sr., Jerry Medina Giovanni Hidalgo, Paoli Mejias, Victor Manuelle, and many others... I've also had the pleasure of being a part of many wonderful music festivals such as Toro Y Salsa, Heineken Jazz Festival, Caramoor Jazz Festival, River to River Festival, Exit 0 Jazz Festival, The Jazz Foundation, to name a few. 
My goal in life is a simple one: to make as much music as possible, while showing the universe that 'different,'' is in fact, quite wonderful..

I currently run my own ensembles:
Carrion Jr./Celenza/Di Fiore Trio (bass)
The Billy Carrion Jr Quartet (saxophones, other horns)
The BCJ Band (Saxophone, Harmonic Weapon)
The Hidden Jazz Ensemble (Bass)
The Underground Jazz Army (Coming Soon)

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