Billy Carrion Jr.
Baritone Saxophone, Bass, Percussion, woodwinds, etc...



Billy Carrión Jr. - Baritone Saxophone, Effects Pedals, Bass(2,7,8), Cajon(1)

Luke Celenza - Piano, Keyboards

Jon Di Fiore - Drums/Percussion

Pete McCullough - Bass (3,4,6)

Adrian Thomas Moring - Bass (1,5,9)

A Garcia - Minor Percussion (3,6)

Recorded at Big Blue Meenie Studios (3,4,6), Big Ron P House (2,7,8) and a secret location (1,5,9,10)

Mixed and Mastered By Mark Pawlak

February 23, 2013 marks the official debut launch of ‘Transformed Conceptions’ by NYC-based Billy Carrión Jr. The release of ‘Transformed Conceptions’ will be supported by a concert at The Cross Roads, Garwood NJ.

The album grew out of Billy’s love for the original American version of ‘Transformers G1.’ Like the TV Show, a reset occurs. Listener expectations are reset too by an organic groove deep to the right of the main stream. Its aim is simple – to connect.

Billy Carrión Jr backs himself with a technically expressive crew comprised of: Luke Celenza (piano, keys), Jon Di Fiore (Drums/percussion) Peter McCullough (Bass), Adrian Thomas Moring (Bass) and Billy on baritone saxophone, cajon, harmonic weapon prototype (effects) and bass.

The Luke Celenza-penned track ‘Seven Thirds’ is like a spacebridge transporting listeners into this musical world. The message here is matter-of-fact --- we have arrived!

The lightness of ‘Lilly’ delights us with its engaging feel of a first-time meet. It has a flirtatious air about it and as if from nowhere, The SPARK comes, that mysterious, form of energy that grants life to transformers. It gives life to a contemporary jazz sound for listeners of the album too.

‘Dedicated to a Fine Line’ will surprise you. In life, it speaks of friendships that could lead to love; it is a fine line. In music, Argentine author Julio Cortazar coined the phrase from his belief that music is a ‘no-man land’ --- walk close to the overlap and everything becomes blurred.

‘Transformed Conceptions’ changes the listening agenda, it doesn’t keep you on the outside, instead, it steps you over that blurred threshold into the Promised Land. It delivers the music, and you.

Billy Carrión Jr tweets as the Atonal Assassin. He keeps good company: Schoenberg, Scriabin, Debussy, Bartók, Hindemith, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Varèse, all of them wrote music that has been described (in full or in part) as atonal.

Atonal music is challenging but emancipating so Billy Carrión Jr is a musician to definitely watch for his growth and development in the genre as time goes on.

The album is currently available via digital distribution from iTunes: and Google and Billy answers 5 Kurious Kiwi Questions in

Genre: Jazz
For fans of: Post Bop electric Miles Davis, Weather Report, Don Cherry, Keith Jarrett, Bela Fleck, Jerry Gonzalez or John Zorn

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